Get ready to dive into the realm of exhilarating adventure as we proudly present our lineup of ambassadors who embody the very spirit of exploration. From conquering challenging terrains to embracing diverse cultures, each ambassador is a living testament to the essence of Enduristan. These extraordinary individuals have found a steadfast companion in us – a brand that gets the demands of true adventure riding. With their unwavering support, they’ve conquered continents, tackled the harshest conditions, and embraced the raw beauty of our planet. Follow the journeys of our ambassadors as they unveil their tales of resilience, determination, and an insatiable thirst for discovery. Join us in celebrating their adventures and let their stories fuel your own pursuit of the unknown.

Lyndon Poskitt – Races2Places

After years riding and racing motorcycles of all disciplines, in 2014 I found myself heading out on a world trip I only ever dreamed of. 5 years and 2 months later after 256,000km I arrived back home where I started with 74 new countries under my belt and 9 additional rally races, yes, I also raced while I travelled the world, all on the same motorcycle.

Traveling the world, mostly off the beaten path (off-road) is hugely demanding on machinery and equipment and in 2017 I met a fellow rider in Tierra Del Fuego with a very rugged looking and waterproof tank bag. I hopped on the internet and ordered one immediately, it was made by a company called Enduristan. Enjoying the functionality and particularly weather resistance (security for my cameras) of the tank bag so much, I chose to switch some other luggage to Enduristan too, later becoming an ambassador for the brand.

Since then I have contributed my thoughts and engineering experience into the design of new products with them, produced co-branded items and continued to use their products for racing, adventure riding and even day to day use with all my motorcycles, both on and off-road. A match made in heaven… no, a match made on my motorcycle doing what I loved. Enjoy your ride, #whereveryouride



Melanie Stegemann

Some travel to get out. I travel to immerse. Into space and time, lives and hearts, landscapes and adventure, culture and truth. Curiosity, trust and love is what drives me, my beloved XT and most reliable and durable equipment makes it all possible. Wild camping or being hosted- the world is a magnificent place with beating hearts and possibilities to connect.

In 12 years of traveling, I’ve crossed Europe and the west of Russia. Since I left my home country Germany about 16 months ago to make my way to Australia, I’ve found great joy in sharing about my encounters with reality and our fellow human beings. Truth might be subjective. But sharing from experience is closest to truth.



Arshad Iqbal - Adventurous Archie

I started traveling around the world on my motorcycle in 2022 and travelled from Austria to Pakistan through Afghanistan and covered a distance of over 25.000km. On my way I had to deal with rugged terrain, different weather conditions and deep river crossings in Mongolia.

At that time I used a luggage system which, unfortunately, could not compete with the terrain and weather that I rode my motorcycle in. Ever since that trip I was looking for a different luggage solution, when suddenly I came across a Facebook story by a brand named Enduristan. The story matched my way of motorcycle travel. I had the chance to see and feel the quality of the luggage and decided to change my luggage system.

After riding over 20.000km through the rough terrain of Afghanistan and Iran I can now proudly say that all my equipment, including my camera and computer, are safe while I ride. It has seen a lot of rough terrain, but the items inside the Enduristan luggage system are always safe, dry and clean. Thank you Enduristan.



Stephanie Rowe

I started riding motorcycles at the age of 21. It's safe to say that since I discovered motorcycles, my life has evolved around them ever since. I have worked in the motorcycle industry since 2009 for various brands in various roles.

My first overland trip was on an RXS100 the bike cost me £200 and with 5 other friends we rode from England to the South of France over two weeks – the cheapest bike on the trip cost £60, needless to say there were a few breakdowns along the way!

My next adventure led me to quit my job in a motorcycle dealership and purchase a Yamaha TTR600. With two friends we left England for two months riding across Spain and down to Morocco. I loved experiencing a different culture and even more importantly the amazing off road riding that Morocco has to offer.

I came back to reality and in 2012 with the help of AJP motorcycles, I began racing competitively and raced in the British Sprint Enduro Championship, where I finished 3rd overall in the women's category.

Unfortunately, I suffered a life-changing injury at the end of 2013 after an off-road motorcycle accident; the doctor told me that I would never be active again and that even walking would be painful for the rest of my life. It took me several surgeries and almost two years to walk again, and with great determination in 2017, I returned to competitive off-road riding and raced my first Rally. In 2019 I raced the FIM European Rally Championship finishing 3rd in the M1 category and 25th Overall.

In 2013 I became a brand ambassador for BMW Motorrad and have been involved in various marketing campaigns and events over the years. In 2017 I passed my BMW Off Road Instructor Qualification. Since I have run an adventure training school with my partner Vincent at Petokask.

I have also travelled by various types of motorcycle around many parts of the world including Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Morocco, New Zealand and Mongolia.



Nikolaus Haering - Nick the Slick

Truth is, when it comes to sports I've been into free skiing and various martial arts for most of my life, motorcycles were actually not on my radar until the age of 28, the time when I first sat on a bike - it sparked my curiosity immediately! I was absolutely fascinated by the potential synergy that could be achieved between man and machine and the flow state that would be entered by doing so.

Having moved from Munich, Germany to Barcelona, Spain - I quickly found my way to the surrounding race tracks, trained systematically and completed my first race in the 600cc SuperSport class. However, it was only when I discovered offroad riding that got my passion for motorcycles to the next level (obsession). I quickly developed a burning love for enduro sport and adventure travels - the opportunity to discover people, nature and foreign cultures on a motorcycle is one of the greatest enrichments of my life. Unfiltered, raw, visceral.
Riding, racing and traveling on dirtbikes, big or small, deeply moves me.

I love action and adventure, am curious and ambitious, always want to learn new things and let others participate in my passions, strive to carry them away and inspire.

In Enduristan I have found a reliable partner that understands and lives the hardships of true Adventure riding. During the past 9 months I have put their gear to the test, riding all over Europe and various parts of the African continent - never has the equipment failed me once, no matter the circumstances. Wherever I ride, Enduristan will join me on my adventures!



Rihards Grunte - Outduro

Divorced and left without a purpose I wandered around trying to find a new path for my life until I agreed to my friend and tried out his KTM 640 to learn how to ride in adventure instead of wandering around. It was the perfect replacement for what I had been missing. Meditation for the mind and enough adrenaline to feel alive again.

I went over many ads until I fell in love with a brown and slim BMW G650X. I bought the bike before I even had a license to ride it. I never felt so sure about something as I did about this. I rode around local trails with and without friends, falling down, picking the bike up again, and repeating. I made friends with the Latvian TET linesman and listened to his stories about traveling around the world. I was inspired and hooked.

I watched many riders on YouTube, especially this one fellow called Lyndon, maybe you’ve heard of him. I was plotting my first long adventure ride. I set a goal to ride around Latvia’s border in 2 weeks without a rush and explore not only with eyes but with taste as well. I love cooking meals in the wilderness. Before motorcycles, I used to hike and practice bushcraft a lot. Cooking interesting foods in the wild always left me with more tasteful memories that’s why I always try to include food in my adventures and sometimes make it into foodventures!

I needed big bags to carry all the food-making items I needed to explore different tastes, so I reached out to the company my KTM friend and Lyndon were talking about - Enduristan. I told them about my plans and they happily offered to sponsor me on this journey. I was so stoked because I had already spent most of my savings on upgrading the bike for the adventure. So I went off on my big adventure and to me, it was a turning point in my life. In these 2 weeks, I stayed in different places each night, met different people, ate different foods and it was the livest I’ve ever felt. Strange but on the road I felt more like home until I actually got home.

I was so inspired to make something greater out of this that I founded an organization that combined now two of my favorite activities outdoors and enduro - OUTDURO. I started meeting like-minded folks and soon enough we grew into an official association that organizes events for adventure riders. Events that not only teach riding and outdoor skills but create a sense of comradery through joint adventure rides and outdoor camping activities forming into our own community that we call OUTDURO Tribe.

On the commercial side, we want to offer our riders through our store and repair garage only tough adventure moto and outdoor gear that we’ve tested ourselves and can recommend it. Enduristan without a doubt is one such brand.



Wheelie Bonkers

It was late 2015, in a small town called Ooti in the mountains up in the clouds of southern india, where Wheelie Bonkers got its start. Two solo adventurers collaborated to explore places around the world most have not been. In the years that followed, not only were places like Haiti and the narco-controlled mountainous region of Sinaloa in Mexico explored, but plans were made for a much bigger adventure, circumnavigating the African continent, visiting as many countries as possible along the way.

With each of us having over 10 years experience traveling around the world and having learned many lessons by that time, new motorcycles were purchased based on the terrain that would be encountered and also our personal preferences. After exploring the world on motorcycles weighing nearly 600 pounds loaded with our equipment, we both knew we would need much lighter gear.

Rad opted for a super-light but high-maintenance Husqvarna FE 501 and Ed for an unconventional KTM 690 SMC R equipped with larger wheels. We both knew that soft luggage would keep the weight down, and of course Enduristan was our first choice because of its proven durability and waterproof construction. Then we made a custom stainless steel structure to fit around the luggage to prevent things from being stolen along the way. Having travelled halfway across the African continent, the entire Enduristan system had worked out seamlessly. We both firmly believe that this is our dream luggage system for any adventure!


Denisa Andronache - Kulturide East Adventure

My name is Denisa, I’m from Romania and I am a ‘kulturider’. Which means that I enjoy riding and exploring the world on a motorcycle but also getting in touch with people, discovering cultures and local traditions.

I fell in love with the Eastern countries ever since I took a journey to Mongolia, Kyrgistan, Tajikistan, back in 2017 (5 months, 30.000km). This year I have returned for another adventure in the East, in Iran and Pakistan (2.5 months, almost 20.000km). I changed bikes between the 2 long journeys, but not the luggage, as I am forever committed to soft bags.

I am a video editor so at the end of each long journey I take, I make a long-length documentary. The first one is ready and will soon be available also online. The second one is in the making and I am currently shooting many amazing moments in Iran and the spectacular mountains of Pakistan.


Finding Richard

From idea to action: Undaunted and hungry for adventure, we, Alex, Rolf and Dorian, broke out of our comfort zone. Inspired by legends like Ted Simon or Dakar Rally hero Alfie Cox, the idea of an epic journey from Zurich to Cape Town was born.

Europe to Africa: Against the current we ventured out on the legendary route from Europe to South Africa. A touch of rebellion pervaded our thoughts as we put the wrenches to our Honda Africa Twins to prepare them for the challenges of the road ahead. Routes were studied, enduro courses attended and motocross training completed. The preparations sharpened our appetite for the unknown, and soon we had a launch date - no ifs, ands or buts.

Marketing with a Bite: Tired of the usual travel blogs, we decided to take an entertaining, authentic approach. was born - a platform for our adventure in videos and blogs. Our idea caught on, even Honda Moto Suisse and Enduristan, the motorcycle luggage experts, recognized the uniqueness of our project.

Wild and Rough: In the fall of 2014 we set out. Accompanied for a few days by friends and a motocorso that set us on our way. But soon we were swallowed up by the route. The roads changed from asphalt to sand, from heat to cold, from the familiar to the unexpected. From the Balkans to Sudan, from Egypt to Uganda, we rode through breathtaking landscapes, conquered merciless deserts, and became part of the vast community of motorcyclists around the world.

Breakage and triumph: The moment Alex crashed was a reminder of how fragile our journey could be. With broken ribs and the will to keep riding, we proved that true adventurers don't get down easily. Unrelenting, we fought our way through, from one country to the next, from highs to lows, until we finally reached the Cape of Good Hope.

Life at the limit: over 21,000 kilometers in 110 days - that was our tribute to the road. Adventures and challenges left their imprint on us, beauty and difficulties shaped us. We learned that the unknown is not insurmountable, that support is always there when you need it most. Our journey was a rush, an adventure ride that gave us unforgettable moments and forged new friendships.

End and Beginning: As we prepared our motorcycles for the journey home, we looked back at what we had accomplished. Our journey was more than just an adventure, it was a journey into the depths of our own courage and determination. The road may have ended, but the memories and energy we gathered will stay with us forever. Because adventures never end, they just keep going, in new forms, in new places. And when we look back, we know: Someone always knows something, and we've learned that the true reward is in exploring the unknown and enjoying life to the fullest.