Meet our new Enduristan products: Organize Your Adventures!

Traveling on two wheels comes with a few head scratches when you want to make sure you bring everything you need on your trip. Thanks to four new products, most of which come in different sizes, your adventures are organized from now on.

Kicking it off with our Cubes

From big to small, we’ll firstly introduce our new Cubes collection. Coming in a 3-, 5-, and 8-liter capacity, these bags all hold the feature to expand into double their original volume by simply opening the hidden zipper. With a main body carried out in grey Ripstop fabric, they offer a high resistance to wear and tear, making sure your essentials are well protected. The handles and zippers are surrounded by black Hypalon, a high-performance synthetic rubber that adds sturdiness to these areas, meaning you can enjoy the comfort of easily organizing your adventures for a very long time. 

Click here to find out more about the Cube 03, Cube 05 and Cube 08.

Take your tech with you on your travels: the Digital Nomad Collection

Traveling on two wheels is all about leaving the world behind, but we understand the need to check in every now and then. To ensure your digital devices are protected while you enjoy the roads less traveled, our Digital Nomad collection is here to help. There’s a specific bag for 8-, 11-, and 14-inch devices to make sure each size device is hold in place in a nice and snug environment on the inside, that is protected by a sturdy TPU 300D outer shell - crafted from recycled PET material.

Click here to find out more about the Digital Nomad 08, Digital Nomad 11 and Digital Nomad 14.

From flat to volume: the Flatty

From 4 deciliters to 1,5 liters: the Flatty collection is engineered so you can make the most of your storage space while out on adventures. With four different sizes to choose from, including a 6 and 9 deciliter version, you can build up your luggage in the most efficient way making the most of the volume of your outer bags. The flat volume allows you to use each cubic centimeter of your luggage space, and a clever labeling system makes it easy to spot which items are hidden in which bag.

Click here to find out more about the Flatty 09 and Flatty 15

Adventure ready eyewear: the Enduristan Eyewear Case

From sunglasses to spectacles, glasses are hard to keep safe when the roads get rough. Or used to be, as from now on you can trust our Eyewear Case to take care of protecting your favorite specs. A strong outside combined with a soft inside means you can put on your glasses in full glory once you hit your destination. And if you want to make sure your sight is perfectly clear, we’ve included a spectacle cloth that allows for a quick wipe down to keep things clean. 

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Constant features across our collection

With four new products and an already extensive collection of travel bags, we are here to offer you the best luggage experience for your two wheeled adventures. Our Cube, Digital Nomad, Flatty, and Eyewear Case are all developed to contribute to your experience, keep your essentials safe. Strong TPU300D material sourced from recycled PET is the base material for this collection, ensuring your essentials are protected up to spec so you only have to focus on the road ahead.