The Enduristan Sandstorm 5 collection: the result of ongoing evolution.

A tank bag is the best piece of luggage to keep your essentials close. With four generations of the Sandstorm tank bags already behind us, we’re proud to introduce you to generation number 5.

The ultimate tank bag collection

Waterproof, dustproof, mudproof, snowproof: we have all kinds of proof that the latest generation of Enduristan Sandstorm tank bags are the toughest examples out there. Building upon a foundation that goes back four generations, these tank bags are an evolution that is backed up by millions of kilometers ridden in virtually any kind of circumstances to result in the ultimate tank bag collection. We’ll run you through the different models and the accessories that go with them.


Sandstorm 5.01

Big adventures can start small sometimes. The entry size Sandstorm 5.01 offers 1 liter of volume, meaning you can keep your go-to items at hand in a compact package. A side-opening lid allows for easy, one hand access to grab whatever you need. Smaller items stay in place thanks to the organizer integrated in the lid, and if you wish to expand the functionality you will be happy to find out about the innovative attachment pad that easily adopts additional accessories such as a map pocket or a bottle holster. A quick charge of your mobile devices can be done in full protection thanks to the incorporated cable pass-through.

While slim in appearance, the Sandstorm 5.01 is big in visibility thanks to the use of reflective prints on the outside. Find out more about the Sandstorm 5.01 here!


Sandstorm 5.03

The Sandstorm 5.03 offers you more volume thanks to its 3-liter capacity. You will find all the features the 5.01 has to offer and more, as in this mid-size model you will also find an A6-sized document pouch that enables you to quickly dig out your most important documents whenever needed. The additional volume over its smaller sibling also allows for more organizing features. Inside the interior compartment is a divider that can be positioned the way you want, using Velcro to safely secure it. Organize your essentials based on their size, keeping things tidy on your travels. Learn more about the Sandstorm 5.03 here!


Sandstorm 5.06

The 5.06 is designed to be the perfect Sandstorm for those who need the optimal combination between volume and practicality. Its 6-liter capacity allows you to store a substantial amount of your traveling essentials to be prepared for various conditions, for instance allowing you to keep your thermal liner and your raincoat close. Another clever addition you will only find on the biggest Sandstorm tank bag from our collection is the additional pouch with its transparent window. You can either store it inside the tank bag holding specific small items, or you can connect it to the outside of the tank bag for easy access. If you are looking to go for that longer trip that requires a surplus of storage space, or a smaller trip that only requires one bag that can hold a substantial volume: take a closer look at the Sandstorm 5.06 here!

Constant features across the Sandstorm 5 collection

Regardless of the size of your next favorite tank bag, there are various features that you will find on all of them. They all connect easily and secure thanks to a strong, quick release harness that uses ROKstrap fasteners. Add other accessories such as a map pocket or a bottle holster to any of the Sandstorm 5 tank bags thanks to the innovative attachment pad, and secure larger items by using the drawstring patch on the sidewall inside each of the Sandstorm bags. Last but not least, once you made it back home, you can easily retrieve your house keys as inside the main compartment of all three sizes you will find a loop with an Enduristan carabiner that holds your keys for you.


A must have off the bike accessory

Once you hit your destination, you can enjoy carrying comfort thanks to our Light Shoulder Strap. This strap comes standard with the Sandstorm 5.06, and it is separately offered for all other Sandstorm 5 tank bags. It is designed so you can comfortable carry either of the Sandstorm tank bags around off the bike, wearing it as a messenger bag over your shoulder or carry it loosely around your waist. It is strong yet lightweight, meaning it can be stored away quickly once it is time to get back into the saddle and ride towards your next adventure.

Speaking of your next adventure, you are sure to keep track of your route thanks to the optional Map Pocket 7 and Map Pocket 10, aptly named after the size of their respective surfaces. Depending on the size of your map, or the device you use for navigating your trip, you can choose between a 7 or a 10 inch map pocket that easily attaches to any of the Sandstorm 5 tank bags. You can operate your device without taking it out thanks to the transparent window, and thanks to the IP55-rated zipper all contents remain dry and protected against any weather.