Get ready for spring! Find out how to prepare your Enduristan gear.

The best preparation for tomorrow is to do a great job today, and maintaining your Enduristan luggage is no different. We will take you through the steps of giving your kit some general maintenance, and we will enlighten you about the repair possibilities in case your last adventure ended with some battle scars on your gear.

Cleaning your luggage serves multiple duties. Not only do you want to take off with a clean set of luggage; once cleaned up you can easily spot anything that needs attention. Sand and mud make for good stories, but when stuck in your zippers or closure systems they can make life difficult at times.

Start off by rinsing off the luggage with a garden hose, which is a great way to get the worst dirt off before moving ahead. After that, continue cleaning your Enduristan bags with water and a soft brush. A toothbrush can come in handy when cleaning your zippers, as it helps with undoing the zipper’s teeth from dust and dirt.

After a first good clean, a great tip we learned directly from travelers in the adventure community is to use a little leather soap to clean your bags with. Although all Enduristan products are made without leather, this soap helps to smoothen the fabric which prevents it from cracking when your bags are filled up and tension builds up in the fabric, especially in spots where straps are used. Cleaning them with leather soap also gives your luggage a shiny finish, making your work even more satisfying when you are finished.

A smooth running zipper will last, which is why it is important to make sure all your zippers are lubed up before you hit the road. After a thorough clean, use a silicon-based lube or spray to make your zippers open and close effortlessly again. If you don’t have any lubrication product available, Click here to our Enduristan Zipper Lube on our website.

We know first-hand that going on a two wheeled adventure means you can expect the unexpected, which sometimes ends in gravity taking over. Enduristan gear is tested for even the toughest of circumstances, but in case you encounter an unfortunate mishap rest assured: in most cases minor damages can be easily repaired. We have created the Enduristan Luggage Repair Kit to keep you going when you are on the road, or to allow you to repair any scars your luggage might have gained during your last adventure.

The Enduristan Luggage Repair Kit consists of extra fabric, various buckles, strap material and everything you need to make the necessary repairs. Click here to find the full kit.

In case the need for repair comes from the inside in the shape of a damaged seam, there is luckily also an easy way to fix this. With SeamGrip adhesive you can repair or seal almost any kind of textile, making it useful to repair your Enduristan luggage when needed, but also allowing you to make a quick fix on the road in case your raingear, motorcycle clothing, or even your tent needs a quick seam repair. Click here to find SeamGrip on our website.

Adventure Ready
The famous quote “by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail” is an apt statement when it comes to going on a two wheeled adventure. With the maintenance tips above you can ensure yourself that your Enduristan luggage is ready to go on your next adventure, keeping your essentials protected against the elements wherever the road -or paths- will take you.